Our Christian values

Christian Distinctiveness

As a church school we believe that it is important to promote Christian values and understanding throughout all aspects of school life.  We have worked with staff, pupils, parents the local church and our Governors to come up with 3 core values that we feel Kingsholm is all about.  These are: RESPECT, LOVE and HONESTY

Each term we will focus on a particular Christian value that we feel will help our children (either one of our core values or another Christian value linked to them).  This year we will be looking at:

Autumn 1  -  Respect

Autumn 2  -  Courage

Spring 1    -  Honesty

Spring 2    -  Responsibility

Summer 1 -  Love

Summer 2 - Forgiveness


Prayer requests

As a Christian school we believe in the power of prayer. If you have any concerns, whether for yourself or someone close to you please visit our value display in the entrance to the Pastoral area. Here you will find our prayer box. Feel free to use the cards provided to complete a prayer request and place it inside the box. All requests will be passed onto St Catharine's church, where your request will be prayed for in one of their services. 

Our Worship Team

As a church school we believe in the importance of charity. Aswell as donating our food from Harvest to the Food Bank and local families, each term our School Council chooses a charity to support. This year we have supported Comic relief, sports relief, children in need, water aid and our link school in Uganda.