Welcome to the Pastoral Team

Who are we?

Joanne Morley

Kelly Taylor

Sandra Baldwin

We focus on the behavioural, social and emotional needs of our children and their families. We appreciate how challenging and complicated life can be and the significant impact it can have on both children, and their carers.

Together we:

Nurture and support any child who is experiencing barriers to their learning, preventing them from achieving their potential.

Offer pastoral activities designed to encourage and motivate, to strengthen resilience, increase independence, and develop the children as well rounded individuals, celebrating their many talents.

Support all of our pupils recognising that each and everyone is a unique and valued member of the Kingsholm Family.

Manage the school’s Behaviour Policy fairly and non-judgementally ensuring that there is support, and understanding for those who experience difficulties with their behaviour. We fully involve parents/carers in this process.

Work with other agencies (Health, Housing, Voluntary and Community Groups etc) to support the families and carers of our pupils, creating the best possibilities for all.

How we help?

Anybody who has a concern about a child, (Parents/carers/family members/ other agencies, adults based in school or even the children themselves) can come and to talk to us, we will always listen and try to help.

For the children we offer pastoral activities addressing their self esteem, communication skills, anger management, conflict resolution, mental well-being, team building, social/life skills and enabling positive friendships. We also offer 1:1 support for any specific issues they might be facing.

For our families we offer CAF’S

A CAF is a holistic assessment covering all areas of a child/young person’s life ensuring all needs are recognised and not just those individual services are interested in. We all want better lives for children and young people and the CAF enables a more coherent, integrated way of working the opportunity to recognise needs earlier as well as preventing families from reaching crisis point.

How do our children and families feel?


“The Pastoral Team have helped me to deal with my problems, and helped my family and I to understand each other better” Y6

“It’s fantastic having someone who really listens to us” Y4

“The Pastoral Team have given me the confidence to have a go and not worry if I get things wrong” Y6


“I think the team have been really helpful, and taken a lot of pressure of me. The CAF has been a lifeline, things have been really hard”

“ Think the outside support and funding has been totally amazing".

“The CAF has really helped me with my relationship with my son, I feel so much more confident”

To contact us please phone the school on 01452 53077 or email via admin@kingsholm.gloucs.sch.uk and ask for The Pastoral Team.

Information shared with us will be confidential unless a child’s safety might be at risk, in which case we have a statutory responsibility to share this information with other professionals.