Release Teacher

Mrs Anna McIlveen

I have been at Kingsholm for over 5 years and have worked in Reception, Year 1, 2 and 3.  It is a really happy place to work, the staff, children and parents are all really friendly.  I like teaching all subject areas but my favourite is Literacy.  It is lovely seeing the children progress form not reading and writing to being able to. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family and also enjoy meeting up with friends.

Release Teacher

Mrs Sharon Smith

I have been at Kingsholm for 10 years now and love teaching (and learning) here! There is a strong sense of team spirit and everyone has a real enthusiasm for learning. I enjoy teaching the curriculum in a creative way that means something to the children and particularly like teaching dance, music and literacy.  I have just returned after being on maternity leave and now teach part time.  Outside of school I enjoy dancing, singing & reading, and spending quality time with my friends and family.

Release Teacher

Mrs Lee-Anne Stedman

I like working here due to the wide diversity of children. Everyone is really friendly and supportive of one another. I enjoy teaching reception phonics as this gives the children the building blocks to learn how to read and write. Out of school I enjoy going swimming and shopping :)

Release Teacher

Mr Matt Bunce

I have been teaching at Kingsholm since 1995, which is my entire career to date!  The school has always been an exciting place to work, with supportive staff and enthusiastic children.  In school i am responsible for Outdoor Learning in Phase 1, Design and Technology and our link with our partner school, Kigulya Primary school in Uganda.  as part of this, I have visited Kigulya twice and hosted visitors from over there.  To me, Kingsholm is a school that gives everyone opportunities - staff and pupils.


Release Teacher

Mrs Caireen Devreux

I have been teaching at Kingsholm since 2000.  I enjoy trying to make learning as interesting and as fun as possible.  Art is my main passion in school.  I try to work with all the teachers to make sure that art is a great experience for our children.  We are currently spending one day in each term developing our skills in each of the different art areas.  When I am not at school, I enjoy being outdoors, visiting the Forest of Dean and the seaside, and spending time with family and friends.

Release Teacher

Mrs Alyson Meredith

I teach all the year groups at Kingsholm and love the variety and challenge this brings. Due to the nature of my job as a release teacher I have had the privilege to get to know most of the children in the school. I live locally in Gloucester and all my boys have been to Kingsholm. The school is a great place to work with dedicated teachers and enthusiastic children. The subjects I enjoy teaching the most include Geography and D&T.



Spanish Teacher

Mrs Lina Acosta